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composting toilet                   INTRODUCTION
The BASIC is our only model that doesn’t incinerate the waste; although the BASIC has the same beautiful design as the SR, the functions are much different. Instead of incinerating waste, the BASIC model uses a waterless separating/composting feature. It separates the liquid waste from the solid waste while using a heating element which dries the solid waste collected in a waste box. The heating element kills the bacteria and eliminate odor. Due to its separating and drying features, the BASIC model is a matchless toilet that practically works everywhere and in any environment. Simply, the BASIC model is a great solution that is not only easy to install and use, but also economical as well as reliable.



The BASIC model is a great example of outstanding design and yet simple to use. Simplicity, though too often underrated in product design, is the real essence of this toilet. The waste goes into an environmental waste box; the liquid waste is separated from solid waste. The first step is drying of the solid waste; this part of the process is conducted by a heating element, which is located underneath the waste box. When the waste box is full, simply add the waste box or waste bag to a composting pile. In a few months, the waste box/bag and the waste will be decomposed and have been transformed into an excellent garden fertilizer. No chemicals are employed in the drying process, but sawdust may be added after usage (improves the composting process). For more information about composting visit


A major adventage with the Basic Series compared to other composting toilets is their separating feature. The liquid waste gets separated out from the bowl, which could be handled be in a few different ways:
1) It can be reused as a great fertilizer: simply collect the liquid waste in a container and add 8 parts of water to 1 part of liquid waste.
2) Guided in to an existing sewage line.
3) Guided into a drain pit (Check with your local authorities for any restrictions).

BASIC (Waterless Composting Toilet): unlimited capacity which means you just need to take out the bag once it’s full.

It comes with 8 bags, 2 boxes and 8 ft pvc vent pipe.

12V or 120 V – Price: $1095.00

Additional bags and boxes: 8 bags – Price: $15.00 3 boxes - $30.00

Availability: BASIC: 1 weeks  Shipping cost: BASIC: $180

Luc G. La
Luc: 808.870.4399

GLOBAL INVENTIVE INDUSTRIES (GII) is the manufacturer of ECOJOHN® - a product line consisting of waterless toilet systems with incinerating or separating composting features, as well as waste combustion systems that incinerate black water and eliminates the expensive and unpleasant septic pump-out processes.

The ECOJOHN products are developed to solve the existing problems with waste handling in remote and mobile applications - they do exactly that along with sharp designs and unique functions.

The demand for a higher standard of living is constantly escalating; people desire more efficient toilets with less maintenance. Also, the awareness of protecting our planet’s environment is increasing. This is why our products are highly popular and an ideal solution. ECOJOHN provides inimitable solutions that have logistical, economical, and environmental benefits. We have a solution for you whether you have a small application, just wanting something nice and basic, or if you look for a solution that can handle a large capacity crowd. Today, ECOJOHN is being used by clients such as the U.S. Military, camp sites, individual home owners, construction sites, and relief organizations. Please take a moment to browse our website to get more familiar with our unique products.

*Today’s fresh water is decreasing. 1/3 of the world’s population lives in areas that have a moderate to severe water shortage. It is estimated that the amount of water available to each individual will be cut in half over the next 25 years. It is also known that only three percent of the world's water is fresh; water that we today use in our regular toilets! In the 21st century, water will become an even more scarce resource.

China, where some 82 million people are struggling with severe water shortages, is no longer an isolated example. ECOJOHN is at the forefront of a worldwide push to save our planet’s most precious resource - water.


Operating Voltage

12V DC


Operation: -30 to 120F


Polypropylene Plastic



Electrical Consumption

2.3 Amp

Watts Consumption








Sitting Height



45 lbs

Vent Size

2.5” PVC Pipe

Waste Hose

6' Long

Waste Box

7.5 Gallons


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